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Potential Benefits of Biochar

Biochar offers numerous potential benefits. It is important to note that although the following benefits are being illustrated, a significant amount of research is needed to quantify and verify specific benefits. This is due to the varying types of biochar along with the varying soil types, climate regions and other factors.

For any one location, specific benefits may or may not be realized, and for the specific benefits potentially realized a sophisticated technical approach is vital to ensure full adherence to air emissions and soil amendments compliance for the production and application of biochar in Canada.

Please refer to the Needed Research section for additional information.

Potential Benefits:

  • Help to Minimize Climate Change
  • Sequester Carbon
  • Carbon Negative or Carbon Subtractive
  • Fertilizer reductions and nutrient loss reductions
  • Enhance marginal soil productivity
  • Increase Sustainable Food Production
  • Improve Water Quality by reducing contaminated runoff and nutrient loss
  • Soil Remediation
  • Generate other Products
  • Generate Carbon Offsets
  • Increase Net Primary Production (NPP)
  • Displace Carbon Positive Fossil Fuels



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