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Following a successful meeting of the International Biochar Initiative in Newcastle, England, a Canadian group with similar interests met on December 11 and 12, 2008 at the Macdonald Campus of McGill University near Montreal, Quebec to form the Canadian Biochar Initiative. Since its inauguration, the Canadian Biochar Initiative has provided information and networking opportunities to government, business and non-profit associations as well as individuals who have an interest in biochar.

Areas of focus:

  • Working with domestic and international government and research authorities to establish a unified format and to specify standards and protocols for biochar field trials
  • Establishing toxicity and toxicological baselines for biochar and its use
  • Establishing certifiable standards for biochar with respect to analytical methods and audit processes consistent with CFIA, USEPA/USDA and Health Canada requirements for 'food and food contact products
  • Assisting to develop a 'Biochar standard' with respect to carbon dioxide sequestration, carbon credits, verification and auditing procedures
  • Developing an online database that will provide a repository of information to researchers and those interested in undertaking biochar trials
  • Creating and providing a sample business case for farmers, co-operatives, municipalities, individuals, businesses and any others interested in utilizing biochar for soil enhancement and Carbon dioxide sequestration
  • Coordinating meetings across Canada on various topics related to biochar

See the following for a description About the CBI from 2008.


Steering Committee:

Our steering committee was formed to provide the initial direction and transition into a more sustainable organizational structure.

Kevin Aschim, BSc, MBA, CBI Interim Chair
Edmonton, AB

Brian Davies
Administration for the CBI, Mississauga, ON

Peter Fransham, President
Advanced Biorefinery Inc., Ottawa, ON

Lloyd Helferty, Engineering Technologist
Biochar Consulting (Canada), Thornhill, ON

Gerry Kutney, COO
Alterna Energy Inc., Prince George, BC

Darko Matovic, Assistant Professor
Combustion and Fluid Dynamics group, Queen's University, Kingston, ON




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